Featured Construction Projects

ProEdge provides claims, risk mitigation and dispute avoidance services on construction projects in all sectors of the industry.

The following featured projects illustrate how our expertise has been leveraged to assist contractors, subcontractors and project stakeholders in successful claims and risk management:

  • Highway 407 ETR

    Full-time claims management services for Canadian Highways International Constructors Joint Venture (CHIC JV) on the 4-year, $1 billion Highway 407 development & design-build project. Responsible for contractual matters between CHIC JV and the provincial government, as well as administration of ancillary projects and joint venture member assigned scope contracts. Research & development of disputed scope issues and negotiation strategies. Preparation of $29 million claim including extensive analyses of delays, loss of productivity and equipment utilization of earthworks operations.

  • Toronto International Airport Terminal 1 Development

    Preparation of claims for delay and losses in productivity for a number of contracts on the construction of the new Terminal 1 Airport Development project in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

  • Cross Israel Highway

    Development of risk management, information management and claims procedures for the joint venture responsible for the design and construction of the $1.1 billion USD highway construction project in Israel.  Research and documentation of scope changes and preparation of negotiation positions for disputed contractual issues during the initial stage, prior to the establishment of an in-house claims department. Worked in an advisory capacity to the claims department to assist with strategy and claims development.

  • Various Turnkey Power Plant Projects

    Development of standard tender and subcontract documents, as well as assistance with contractual and claims issues for a major international contractor in Germany, for large turnkey projects located in various countries including Yemen, Bahamas, Pakistan, Costa Rica, and Saudi Arabia, valued between $250 million USD – $500 million USD.

  • Windsor Justice Facility

    Delay analysis to establish causes and responsibility for one-year delay to project completion; preparation of $12 million CAD claim submission from the general contractor to the owner. Expert testimony and representation on behalf of the client at arbitration proceedings for disputed scope change issues.

  • Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

    Extensive delay and loss of labour productivity analyses. Quantification of damages and preparation of $3 million CAD claim for a specialty subcontractor.

Other Mandates Include

  • Preparation of claims including productivity analyses for various major subcontractors on large transit expansion projects in Toronto, Ontario.
  • Various high-rise commercial/residential construction projects located in Toronto & Ottawa — delay and loss of productivity analyses, claims preparation for subcontractors.
  • Compilation of additional costs, delay analysis and loss of labour productivity analysis for a subcontractor on a major hospital construction project in the Greater Toronto Area (claim value:  $9 million CAD).
  • Retained as an independent expert to assist an Ontario municipality in pending litigation respecting a contractor’s delay claim; included preparation of an expert report and assistance to legal counsel.
  • Bermuda Magistrates’ Courts & Hamilton Police Station – Investigation of entitlement to claim for delays and impact of changes for general contractor.
  • Casino Windsor Expansion Project, CasinoRama Resort Hotel & Entertainment Centre, Niagara Falls Casino/Gateway Project – claims preparation for various specialty subcontractors.
  • University of Waterloo Quantum Nano Building project, Ryerson University Centre for Computing & Engineering Centre building project – analysis and preparation of delay and loss of productivity claims for specialty subcontractors.
  • Newmarket Courthouse Building and Site Assessment – review of various analyses by specialty consultants of environmental conditions and concerns; authoring of final report to Ontario Realty Corporation.
  • McMaster University Health Sciences Interstitial Space Clean Up and Asbestos Abatement – delay and loss of productivity analyses, preparation of $2 million CAD claim for abatement contractor.
  • Solar farm project in Ontario – preparation of claim for specialty subcontractor.
  • Analysis of contractual risks and opportunities, establishment of information and change management processes, investigation of major scope change and delay issues for the EPC contractor on the construction of a $60 million USD power plant located in India.
  • Preparation of $4.5 million CAD claim for changed site conditions; preparation of negotiation document for new unit pricing for completion of the contract for a general contractor on a water supply project in Brockville, Ontario.
  • Various hospital construction projects in Ontario: review and advise a number of subcontractors on contractual issues and entitlement to claim; authoring of claims notice correspondence to general contractors/owners.
  • Delay analysis to establish impact of inclement weather and preparation of $28 million CAD claim to the insurer on a major highway expansion  project in Ontario, Canada.