Construction Consulting Services

We bring practical experience in the construction industry to offer a wide variety of services with the aim to maximize your success and mitigate risk during any stage of the construction process.

Our guiding principles are to offer clients a pro-active and practical approach, tailored to your specific needs. We provide high quality professional results that are cost effective and beneficial to your business.

For some insights into our philosophy of providing value to our clients in improving their overall project success as well as their success rate of claims, read through our series of articles on practical measures for project stakeholders here.

These are some of the services we provide during different stages of construction (several projects that have benefited from these services are highlighted on our Projects page):


Pre-Tender Stage

  • Assistance with developing tender packages and contractual provisions
  • Review of tender documents for potential risks (e.g., ambiguities, inconsistencies, poorly defined scope, etc.) and recommendations for appropriate revisions

Pre-Construction Stage

  • Review of contract documents to identify risks and opportunities, consistency with tender package/negotiated terms
  • Review of project information management processes & recommendations for efficient documentation of relevant data to support potential claims

Project Execution

  • Review of contract documents for claims’ risks and opportunities
  • On-going/periodic monitoring of project status and assistance to project management team
  • Authoring of proper notices and contractual correspondence
  • Review of subcontract tender and contract documents for potential claims’ risks and opportunities
  • Review project information management, change management and cost control processes to ensure that valid data and information is captured
  • Assistance with adjudication proceedings (preparation of documents, entitlement, etc.)
  • Analysis of project schedules, earned value and labour productivity
  • Determination of entitlement for compensation with respect to scope changes and claims for delays/impacts
  • Preparation, analysis and defense of construction claims, including productivity analysis, delay analysis, analysis of the impact of change orders, earned value analysis and quantification of damages

Claims Preparation, Defense & Expert Reports

  • Determination of entitlement
  • Loss of labour productivity analysis
  • Earned value analysis
  • Delay analysis
  • Impact of changes
  • Preparation of construction claims and quantification of damages
  • Analysis of contractor claims’ and preparation of defense for project stakeholders
  • Claims’ risk assessment and development of negotiation options
  • Liaison with legal counsel
  • Assistance for and during adjudication, arbitration and litigation procedures
  • Independent assessment, expert report and testimony